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Bergþór Kristleifsson




Húsafell – Swimming pool


Húsafell Travel Service, Telephone: 435 -1552
E-mail: husafell@husafell.is

The swimming pool in Húsafell is one of the most popular recreations in the area. It was originally built in 1965 but since the pool and its surroundings have been renovated greatly. There are two swimming pools, as well as two hut tubs, along with a water slide.









The hot water in the pool originally came from hot springs in the close by Selgil. Now the it comes from hot water drill holes in Selgil, where the water is around 77 degrees warm, and Hveragil, where the water is around 64 degrees warm. Combined there are around 45 liters of hot water which come out of these two drill holes every second.


Notice to users of the swimming pool 

  • The vistitors of the swimming are responsible for themselves when using the pool.
    It is without any risk if people do not behave recklessly.

  • Show caution in the dressing rooms and remember that wet floors can be slippery.

  • The temperature of the water in the pools and hot tubs varies.  But guests should find something to their taste.

  • We do not take any responsibility for the valuables of the visitors,
    but underline that they can be kept in safe boxes in the ticket booth.

  • In the swimming pool area it is strictly forbidden to have any kind of food or drink. Smoking is also forbidden.

  • It is forbidden to go down the water slide while standing, walk up the slide, use it more than one at a time or use toys or be in the way where people exit the slide.

  • PARENTS AND GUARDIANS - Keep an eye on your children in the swiming pool and around it.