Húsafell Bistró: 435-1550

Hótel Húsafell: 435-1551


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Bergþór Kristleifsson



Husafell - Golf


The golf course in Húsafell

In 1986 the preparation for building a golf course in Húsafell started. Those who were behind the idea were Kristleifur Þorsteinsson and Þorsteinn Kristleifsson, who built the golf course. Ten years later the golf course was opened. It is a nine hole golf course designed by Hannes Þorsteinsson. The fairways of the golf course lie beside the banks of the rivers Kaldá and Stuttá. There the golfer has to be meticulous because the water is close to the fairways and in many places the forest is also close by. The first tee is below a swimming pool. Golf course fees are paid in the house where the swimming pool is entered.




The manager of the golf course is:

Örn E. Arnarsson

Phone: 863-1554

Club house: 435-1552

E-mail: husafell@husafell.is









Dear golfers

  • Those who have not paid the green fees cannot play on the golf course.

  • The green fees are paid in the house where the swimming pool is entered or in the shop. Those who begin to play before the golf course is opened should play the green fees after they are done playing.

  • Treat the golf course and its surroundings with care, put litter in the waste containers, put the patches of turf back in the marks left by your club as well as repairing the marks left by the golf balls on the fairways.

  • Be considerate of other golfers and let them pass you if your game is going slowly.

  • There should not be more than four people in each group playing together.

  • Each player should have his own set of golf clubs.

  • It is forbidden to bring baby carriages and pets to the golf course.

Have fun and good luck !