Húsafell Bistró: 435-1550

Hótel Húsafell: 435-1551


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Bergþór Kristleifsson



Husafell - camping site and huts


Húsafell camping site telephone: +00354 435-1556.
E-mail camping@husafell.is




The camping site in the forest in Húsafell has been very popular for many years. The site is situated in the middle of the resort and only a short distance away from the swimming pool, the golf course, the playground, shop and restaurant. There are around 60 electricity plugs in the site which require a European socket. There are restrooms, shower, hot and cold water as well as a facility to wash clothes. There is also a camping site in a beautiful area in Reykjafellskógur, around 2 kilometers from the travel center.


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Rules of conduct

  1. Please do not litter. Treat Húsafell’s nature with care and respect. Tell your childern to do the same and set a good example for them.

  2. Put all litter in the wate containers which are next to the entrance of Húsafell.

  3. Please be considerate of other guests. During the night, from 12 p.m. to 9 a.m., noise and other disturbance is strictly forbidden.

  4. Treat Húsafell’s fauna with care. It is forbidden to build campfires in the area. Do not use barbecues which lie on, or close to, the ground.

  5. Do not drive outside of marked roads in the Húsafell area and please respect the speed limit of 20 km in the summerhouse area and camping site.

  6. It is straictly forbidden to let dogs loose in the area –  use a collar. Please clean up after your dog.

  7. The access of children and teenagers to the area, without their parents or guardians, is restricted.

  8. The use of all-terrain vehicles is forbidden in Húsafell.

  9. Contact Húsafell’s staff if you experience any disturbance in Húsafell.

  10.  Breaking any of these rules of conduct can leading to an immediate eviction from Húsafell.