Húsafell Bistró: 435-1550

Hótel Húsafell: 435-1551


Sundl./swimming pool:






Bergþór Kristleifsson




There is a lot of fun activities to do in Húsafell, the place has an old history and through the years there has been built upp an holiday paradise for the whole family. In Húsafell everybody can find some activity suiting their interest.


  • There is an swimmingpool, golf course and a playground for the smaller children.

  • There is a great interest in hiking tours and there is a great  diversity in the nature and history of Húsafell.

  • There is an beach volleyball field, great exercise and fun for the whole family.

  • There is an basketball court, fun for boys and girls

  • There is a huge bounce pad which is really popular for all ages

  • And there is an camp fire all saturdays evening over the summertime.

Kids playing in Húsafell

Nearby Húsafell are some really interesting places which is worth looking at:

  • Langjökull-glacier

  • Arnarvatnsheiði-highland

  • Víðgelmir - the biggest lava cave

  • Surtshellir - the longest lava cave

  • Barnafoss - waterfall, one of Iceland greatest attraction

  • Hraunfossar - waterfall, one of Iceland greatest attraction

  • Geitabúið á Háafelli - the Icelandic goat farm

  • Reykholt og Snorrastofa - culture- and medievel centre founded in memory of chieftain/shcolar Snorri Sturluson

  • Deildartunguhver - biggest hot spring in the world !